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Sarah Lamoureux

Sarah Egan Fine Art Photography

Norwich, CT


All of the images in my portfolio are available for purchase directly through me, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. All images purchased directly from me will be signed and numbered on the back of the print.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, and continued to study fine arts in high school and college. With a very busy work life, I rarely have time to paint, and began my foray into photography at first as a means of capturing scenes and objects to paint later when I had more time. However, I developed a passion for photography in its own right and it has persevered as my main artistic outlet. More recently I have begun dabbling in Photoshop/digital painting techniques to enhance my raw photography. I'm inspired by the colors and shapes of the natural world as well as vintage automobiles, history and nostalgic objects. I also have a soft spot for forgotten antiquities, the rustier the car or the more rundown the building the more I love it. I try to preserve these objects through my work in all their dilapidated glory.

I am not affiliated with any automotive manufacturer, my images are artistic representations for aesthetic and archival purposes only.
All images in this Porfolio are Sarah Egan All Rights Reserved.


Rushing Falls by Sarah Lamoureux


Avalanche in Autumn by Sarah Lamoureux


Sunshine and Chrome by Sarah Lamoureux


Peeking Through the Berries by Sarah Lamoureux


Fiery Sunset 1 by Sarah Lamoureux


Walking Across Echo Lake by Sarah Lamoureux


58 Plymouth Fury 1 by Sarah Lamoureux


Enders Island Bonsai by Sarah Lamoureux


Cherry Blossom 1 by Sarah Lamoureux


Blushing Rose by Sarah Lamoureux


Dew Drops and Pink by Sarah Lamoureux


Indian Head Admiring the Autumn Foliage by Sarah Lamoureux


El Morro in Black and White by Sarah Lamoureux


Autumn Gold Rush by Sarah Lamoureux


Sleeping Kitty by Sarah Lamoureux


The Proud Barn by Sarah Lamoureux


First Colors of Fall1 by Sarah Lamoureux